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List my home during the holidays?

Two reasons why the end of the year is a good time to sell

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Low Inventory and buyers need to buy

Historically the number of homes available for sale drop at the end of the year during the holidays . Of course, home owners who are thinking about selling will often wait until next year to put their home on the market. It's not much fun getting a home ready for market and showing it during a time most are busy with getting ready to celebrate the holidays with family and friends. Home selling is a hassle and more so during the busy holiday season.

Low Inventory is a home seller's advantage

Historically the spring time is the selling season and inventory goes up in comparison to the winter season. Home sellers will find they are in competition with other home sellers. But in the winter months, holidays especially, home sellers who have their homes listed face less competition than in the spring season. There are not as many homes on the market. The end of the year tends to be a seller's market and the home seller has an edge in getting what they need from their home sale. Home sellers also will find their home spends fewer days on the market.

Buying a home is as stressful as selling one

The reason is home buyers who are in the market to buy a home tend to have a pressing need to buy. It may be for end-of-year tax savings, or other reasons. Perhaps the timing wasn't right and they missed out on the spring/summer selling season. Maybe they've had a recent change in job or family life events. Whatever reason home buyers who are out shopping during the holidays for a home to buy that fits their criteria are serious buyers -- they have a need. Why else would buyers make the effort to buy a home during the holidays?

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