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New Home Development Coming to Upland

65 homes to be built in the Colonies flood control basin

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On my walk, I came upon an egret.

In his beak, there was what looked like a lizard. I know the bushes are home to lizards because I often hear rustling noises when I pass by. They make themselves known as the culprits when they scamper impetuously across the grass and sidewalk.

Egret having a snack

This egret caught one red-handed. This is my second sighting of an egret. Prior to this I had been leaving an area not far from this one, and there one was walking carefully and slowly across the parking lot entrance. I was struck with its majesty and beauty. To be honest, when I returned home, I had to google what kind of bird it was because I had never seen one in real life that I can remember.

Egret flies away

I was lucky to snap the first photo, and, of course, as I inched closer, curiosity getting the better of me, but too close, apparently, for the egret's comfort, he flew in a whoosh over the fence with his prize stuck his beak. I say he, and he could be a she, but I wouldn't know.

Why do people carry a golf club on this walkway?

A single golf club does not make for a game of golf. I have been going for walks here for almost a year now. Day after day you see the same faces on this path. We nod to each other, and say "hello." There is one couple that walks in the evenings, and the husband carries a golf club, or sometimes the wife. I thought maybe they had been attacked and this was their weapon to fend off any future attackers. It doesn't seem like a place that would be lucrative -- mostly shrubs, trees, grass, and small wildlife -- for a mugger.

It was a woman walking her dogs one morning who enlightened me to the reason why people carry one golf club. There had been coyote sightings. She had seen herself a couple of coyotes together while walking her two dogs. Mt Baldy is not far away, so they come down from the mountain perhaps looking for food when they are hungry. I am not sure which I would be more frightened to see on my path, a mugger or a hungry coyote. A golf club might come in handy when you need one, though.

What does this have to do with my title, you might be wondering

Two geese have chosen my neighbor's roof for their habitat for the last several months. Like clockwork, every morning between 8:30 and 9:00 am, they are out and about honking to each other. They have been a wonderful addition to living here. I will miss them when the weather becomes warmer, and they have to leave to go north where it is cooler. It would be dismal if they never returned because their watering hole, the Colonies flood basin, had been replaced with new homes.

At the same time, new home developments are very much needed in southern California. The City of Upland recently approved the Villa Serena project by Frontier Communities. At 9-1/2 acres it will take up only a portion of the flood basin, which has become home to many wildlife and birds. I'm glad to see the homes are single-family residences, and will be built 100 feet apart.

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